When should I look for a nursing-home?


Asilo_de_ancianos_en_el_estado_de_mexico3Which is the factor that determines the timing of finding a retirement-home for your loved one?
There are many but we must take into account that it is always done for the sake of our loved ones.

In today´s life and for several factors we cannot always alert and caring for our parents, grandparents or even brothers or sisters. There are illnesses and situations that require care but this cannot be provided at home unless we have a couple full time nurses.

Statistically 70 percent of fractures in older adults have a slow healing and sometimes a negative outcome because they did not receive timely medical care.

Retirement homes are created for this type of scenario in which the well-being of our loved ones is preferable to leave them in a reliable place where they will receive help in their essential daily necessities and companionship.

Our retirement home Geriatric Impeller offers medical supervision in taking of medicines and emergency cases. This is a second home for our guests. They are always via telephone, videoconference and they can receive visits 24 hours every day of the year.