What is a Nursing Home

Nursing home

What is a nursing home

A nursing home is a place that provides residential accommodation and health care for elderly people who can no longer live at home. Nursing homes are also known as nursing care facilities.

Nursing home residents are given assistance with a range of activities including:

  • everyday tasks such as meals, cleaning and laundry
  • personal care, like showering, toileting, dressing and eating
  • 24-hour nursing care from qualified nursing staff, including medication management, rehabilitation, continence and catheter care, and wound treatment

Many nursing homes also offer specialist health and medical care, like dementia care, palliative care, stoma care and rehabilitation.

Most nursing homes in Mexico are funded by private own, so they not receive Commonwealth funding to subsidise the cost of delivering aged care services. Even so the cost of service in Mexico is low compared to the United States or Canada

Changes to Nursing Homes

Your love one can get a permanent place in our nursing home, you will need talk with our Doctor to determine the special needs and conditions of your love one.

Additionally, our nursing home can provide transition care if you are recovering from a stay in hospital.

Before your love one move in, you must sign a Resident Agreement. This is a agreement that will outline the services and care available and the fees you will have to pay.

Into our staff we count with own doctor and nurses assistants, also we can assist in organising in situ other healthcare services, such as physiotherapy, dentistry or podiatry.

Our residents can still receive visits 24/7 from family, friends and carers, take part in social activities and hobbie.