Sahra Carvajal. October 4, 2014, México, D.F.

We are very grateful with Geriatric Impeller because my mom has had a great progress, she wasn’t walking or talking anymore, her deterioration was very important, obviously by being in the house, because she did not have the care and assistance she has here. She already walks and speaks, not very well but you can talk to her and she doesn’t appear to be sick, we can be said that she is almost normal.
I do not know how to explain this gratefulness that we have with this nursing home for the help so great that they gave us. When we asked to her if she wanted to go home and stay with us she said no, she said that can live here with people her age and have someone to talk to.
We believe that here she have the assistance of doctors nurses and caregivers and anything that she need, sick or not will be taken care of immediately.

Thank you so much for everything.

Teresa Villar. October 1, 2014. Puerto Vallarta, México.

We are very happy with the attention my mother has received here at the Geriatric Impeller. She entered against her will for a period of 3 months while recovering from an hip operation that prevented her from walking and making any movement. We were attracted the permanent attention of assistants, nurses and medical staff, which we could not find in others nursing homes. Currently my mom is able to walk and she has been here for 7 months improving every day, she is considering living here for an indefinite time and keep her house in Puerto Vallarta, that she never wanted to leave, just to go to the coast.

José Luis Quintana. Juliy 16, 2014,  Estado de México.

Excellent place where to people with disabilities like is my case are assisted with great care, affection and dedication.

Carmen Ruiz. August 13, 2015, México, D.F.

Hola, Hi, in my opinion this institution is excellent because it has everything it takes to help my dad. He suffered a cerebrovascular event and is recovering thanks to Geriatric Impeller, they has dedicated all the time to his recovery. Also they are very focused at service and attentive in all aspects.

Chelin Hernandez. August 4, 2015, México, D.F.

I am very grateful to Geriatric Impeller because they has not only helped it my aunt but also she has received quality care with affection, something that has not received from anyone else.

Yaneth A. Camacho. August 4, 2015, Estado de México.

My grandma has been here more than 3 years and has been very well the cared. Even the assistant ladies who take care of it, help it on everything, apart the food they serve it tastes very rich and is special so her blood pressure doesn’t rise. This nursing home is very good.