Why Geriatric Impeller?

  • Geriatric Impeller is legally constituted Nursing Home facility with all the necessary permits for its operation and 35 years of experience that support it.
  • Geriatric Impeller is located next to a golf course and you can find it in the middle of a forest that helps the stimulation and relaxation of the senses.

Geriatric Impeller


Will it be a good decision?

  • Geriatric Impeller provides you the opportunity to visit your family member the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year giving a reliable test of quality and services provided. It ensures that ALWAYS our guests are respectful treated. Supervisors in quality control as well as the entire team of Geriatric Impeller, consequently so we have the strong commitment and the objective to satisfy the tastes and needs of our guests. We are attentive to all the comments or suggestions of our customers and their families.

Will it be easy to adapt?

  • The majority of our guests achieve a total adaptation in three months; this is because day to day more than one hundred qualified people strive to meet individual tastes and needs. –
  • It is a cordial invitation to approve to adaptability of your lover one for 5 days or we are reimbursed one hundred percent of your monthly pay.


Who guests require this service?

Geriatric Impeller has more than thirty years of experience in the management of older adults, both sufficient and dependent. In this context, people who require permanent vigilance or with age-specific pathologies such as Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s, Senile Dementia, Postoperative, Chronic Diseases, Sequel of Cerebrovascular Events…



• Choose among 14 european cottages, all with spectacular views and comfortably furnished.


Impulsora Geriatrica Is located near by Mexico City in the middle of a forest on beyond Guadalupe Lake and Madeiras Country Club Golf Course. The average temperature all the year is 78 Fahrenheit Degrees.

Servicio en asilo para Adultos Mayores


Chelin Hernandez on August 4, 2015, Mexico, DF:
I am very grateful to Geriatric Impeller because they not only help my aunt but… Read More





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